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We were reading a blog about the struggle for start ups when it comes to marketing. Pace Media did a great job on their last video of explaining why SEO is key and even turned the spotlight to the Google Webmaster’s Youtube Account where they posted this video!

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Move your SEO forward with AMP

Google is known to deliver groundbreaking innovations and after having treated us to the ingenuous creations of PANDA, PENGUIN etc, it appears the company is relentless in its quest to ensure maximum user satisfaction. One of the innovations, or rather a project, that the company has come up with is the Accelerated Mobile Pages, simply referred to by the initials AMP. SEO Journal provides value information in this short article!

AMP is a Google-backed project whose main aim is to ensure the leveling of playing fields as far as the speed with which search results from Google are displayed is concerned. This project aims to ensure that web pages from any publisher can load rather faster on mobile devices. One of the major challenges faced by users of mobile devices is that of having web pages from world’s greatest publishers load rather slower as compared to the speed in other devices such as computers and this is the very area that appears targeted by the AMP. Of course the major reason to this was largely due to the restricted speeds and memory capacities of mobile devices as compared to the larger and more complex gadgets. However, one area that Google seeks to tap into as a way of overcoming this problem is to introduce mobile-friendly features that will make pages load faster; relative to the available internet speed or memory capacity of the mobile device in question. If you are trying to stay on top of your SEO but don’t have time for all of this. Contact this New Orleans Agency for SEO and they’ll help with a free consultation.

Since its formal announcement on 7th October 2015, the project that is seen as a collective effort of major world publishers such as Twitter, WordPress and Google itself is already seen to be gaining positive reception especially among internet users who operate with mobile devices.

Will Google gain from AMP? Well, that is an open guess. Given the fact that it is the world’s leading search engine provider, and coupled with the fact that the world is increasingly becoming internet savvy but not as many people can access PCs as they can have mobile devices, Google will inevitably be the net gainer when this project is finally rolled out.


3 minutes of “What You Need to Know about Google AMP”


Why do they always want you to say “Hello World?”

What about What’s Going on SEOs!?

Let’s get right to it.  We all know that Search Engine Optimization continues to dominate the internet as a leading force for new clients.  Why is it harder to bring in folks?  Well we know that there are companies out there that can explain this and we’d like to share an informative video on exactly how this is…

Check out Becker’s video on Client Getting

He lays it out very simply and gives great tips that most don’t even think of!

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